HR Outsourcing


We believe that most people want to a great job and merely need the right tools and right environment to make this happen. We are specialized in performance management and are familiar with the challenges of performance management and can create efficient process of collecting key performance indicator data and formulating a plan for improvement.


  • Define the culture and values required to unleash the potential performance of their organization
  • Reward behavior that better support positive customer engagement
  • Develop talent managers
  • Audit business processes to identify performance blockages
  • Build flexible career structures that support the business and employees aspirations
  • Build reward and recognition systems that incentivize performance.
  • We make sure to offer our clients a flexible service with customized programes designed to meet your specifications as well as providing each individual with personal service tailored to meet their specific needs.


Our compensation plans are designed to differentiate performance and reinforce desirable employee behaviors. Our expertise in incentive/ bonus plan designing help the client enhances employee performance. Our solutions are focused on keeping a low fixed cost base yet using compensation as a tool to drive performance and enhance productivity.

We take a total rewards approach to compensation and benefits combining monetary and non monetary aspects while providing customized solutions to our clients.

Our compensation solutions are building around key business drivers so as to reward employee performance which spurs business growth.

We also undertake position specific salary benchmarking which helps our clients decide compensation for crucial positions.


We believe moving deck chairs would nott keep the ship afloat. Management teams must clearly define their strategic intent and agree on desired business outcomes if they hope to achieve the benefits of a new organizational design. Form follows function. Ask what work really needs to be done and determine the best way of executing that work before upending the organizational chart. We believe in re examine how decisions are really made. Often it is not the organizational design; it is the way decisions are made. Modifications in governance and decision making rights often yield significant benefits .


  • We clarify the value drivers of the strategy and the specific improvement needed to drive better results.
  • We assess the current organization analytically and through multiple lenses to pinpoint design elements that are limiting performance. The scope of that analysis typically includes work content and processes, performance measurement, information flows, governance and decision making, structure and staffing and supporting management processes.
  • We make targeted changes to the current organizational design that will deliver the highest return on investment and the greatest impact in driving results.
  • We focus on developing awareness, understanding, commitment and capability among employees necessary to perform at a high level within the new design.
  • We have tools and techniques that will result into higher customer satisfaction, greater innovation, and faster speed to market new products and services and enhance cost structure and efficiency.


In todays competitive market organizations constantly work on building motivated and self directed team of professionals. We at ETC solutions provide training solutions that can help you build these skills and competencies in employees

We achieve this through specific behavioral and functional training provided by our industry experts and widely experienced facilitators. We access students capabilities and personality, customize training module, impart short term training programs, and inherit required skills and competencies to win his dream job followed by periodic monitoring.

We also render best practices when it comes to ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING AND INTERVENTION through survey feedback, process consultation, sensitivity training, managerial grid, goal setting, team building, participative management, job enrichment etc. We provide programs that help gain skills which align with organization goals and increase productivity and efficiency of employees and ultimately results in organization growth.